At CARM Therapies, you will be looked after by Allied Health Professionals who have received the highest level of training available for Acupuncture and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy in Australia. We pride ourselves on being client focused, and on keeping in touch with new and effective treatments.

Every practitioner/therapist who works for CARM Therapies has been hand picked (pardon the pun!) for their knowledge and also their ability to give a great treatment – after all, that’s what you’re coming in for!

So whether you want to relax or you have something that needs more specific attention, you can be sure you will receive a quality treatment, from a great therapist.

photo of Kingsley Avery

Kingsley Avery

"Sometimes pain afflicts people, physically, mentally or emotionally and stops them from leading their best life. The warrior gets knocked from their horse and may need a little help getting back on."

Kingsley has been practicing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Canberra since 2009 and was previously practicing in Bondi Junction in Sydney. Kingsley has an active interest in Martial Arts, fitness and philosophy and is dedicated to inspiring people to live active lives and experience their full potential as human beings. Kingsley believes that the mind, body and spirit should be united as one to achieve total freedom and awareness as a human being. Mind, body, spirit- united as one. Sometimes pain afflicts people, physically, mentally or emotionally and stops them from leading their best life. The warrior gets knocked from their horse and may need a little help getting back on. Kingsley aims to inspire and educate people as well as treat physically so that they can get back on the proverbial horse and ride through life unhindered by ailments. Kingsley knows this from personal experience with his own physical health. His empathy shows in his attitude and the treatment he provides.

photo of Emily Avery (nee Worsnop)

Emily Avery (nee Worsnop)

"I enjoy working with people to achieve the best outcome for their individual needs. Every client is different, so whether their aim is to run a marathon without pain, manage a chronic condition, or simply to de-stress, I get a true sense of satisfaction when I help someone accomplish their personal health and wellbeing goals."

Founder/Principal Therapist, Emily Worsnop trained at the Canberra Institute of Technology, obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Applied Science - Remedial Massage.

With over 15 years clinical experience working in alongside Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Pilates Practitioners, Personal Trainers, as well as various sporting organisations, athletes and even politicians, Emily has gained valuable insight into the treatment and management of soft tissue injuries, muscular imbalances and chronic pain states.

Emily’s key interests include treatment and maintenance of upper body overuse conditions, in particular chronic neck and shoulder pain, as well as working with other allied health professionals for post acute injury rehabilitation.

Emily is currently available for treatments Monday - Friday

photo of Rowena Lehikoinen

Rowena Lehikoinen

"Whether you are seeking treatment for an injury, Chronic Pain, Pregnancy or just need a bit of relaxation, I'm the therapist for you!"

Rowena attained her Advanced Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy in 2015, having completed 2.5 yrs of full time study at CIT.

Working part time in massage clinics whist completing her studies, Rowena has honed her skills in Relaxation, Remedial Massage and Cupping, and has continued to broaden her scope of practice with ongoing workshops since graduating.

Rowena has completed advanced certificates in pregnancy massage (from Pregnancy Massage Australia), lymphatic drainage and Kinesio taping. She also takes a keen interest in assessing movement patterns via walking, postural analysis and special tests, to ensure clients receive the most appropriate treatment for their individual needs.

Rowena is available for treatments at CARM Therapies Monday-Friday, with late afternoon appointments available with her on Thursdays and Fridays.