Kingsley Avery holds a Bachelor degree (Health Science) in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the University of Technology in Sydney (UTS) and a Diploma of Eastern Massage Therapy from Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT).

He has an interest in the use of acupuncture in pain management and to relieve symptoms of musculo-skeletal conditions, sports injuries, internal disorders and pregnancy related discomfort.

Kingsley uses a modern approach to a traditional paradigm of healing, incorporating the best of the East and West. Kingsley’s treatments are evidence based, so there’s no “hocus pocus” involved and he has an interest in explaining the concepts of traditional healing methods in a language you can understand. Kingsley’s aims are to promote whole of body health and the awareness of principles and techniques to encourage permanent healing and growth in the individual. There is no “magic pill” to complete health and happiness, just knowledge and effort. The path has to be walked by the individual, and Kingsley strives to guide you on that path, into the light of health and healing, and out of the darkness of illness and pain.

What to expect

A typical treatment varies on the individual’s presenting condition hence there is no typical treatment. Patients presenting with the same condition may require different treatment approaches as the length and severity of the condition may differ as does the individual’s lifestyle. For example, people who tend to have an active lifestyle, healthy diet and enough rest tend to respond more rapidly to treatment than individuals of a more sedentary nature, hence a treatment tailored to the individual’s circumstance, lifestyle and needs usually results in faster more permanent treatment results.

Treatments may incorporate eastern massage, manual therapy, acupuncture, cupping, heat therapies, exercises and herbal medicine, either singularly or in combination. All therapies (minus herbal medicine) are included in the standard treatment price and are not charged individually. Please feel free to call and discuss treatment options with Kingsley.