A modern approach to a traditional therapy.

What to expect

At CARM Therapies we are dedicated to YOUR treatment. This means that we only treat one person at a time, so you get our full attention. We feel that this results in better outcomes, as your treating practitioner isn’t busy running between rooms treating other patients and has more time to be thorough with their diagnostics and treatment. This also means we get more time to chat and really get to the bottom of your condition.

A typical treatment may involve:
Review of diagnostic imaging reports, Orthopaedic testing, & manual diagnostic procedures, to help determine the cause of an issue. CARM Therapies uses western medicine terminology & language as our treatment principles are based around a biomedicine paradigm. This makes us an allied health & complimentary medicine practice, NOT an Alternative medicine practice.
Our practice is evidence based as treatment is administered and based on a review of clinical findings as opposed to the solely theoretical constructs of the meridian theory of TCM. Kingsley incorporates the evidence of modern Science with the wisdom of the Chinese Medicine Classics in a truly integrated approach to treatment.

Massage & manual therapy techniques- many conditions respond favourably to manual therapies as well as Acupuncture. This may involve massage of soft tissue and the gentle mobilisation of joint structures to help facilitate correct alignment. Cupping and Gua Sha (a scraping modality often referred to as IASTM- Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) therapies to help release Fascial constriction.

Acupuncture- this involves the use of extremely fine needles inserted into very specific points on the body. Acupuncture is relatively painless- it should not feel like your typical blood taking needle, although a dull heavy sensation is usually produced around the point which is deemed as a positive indicator of therapeutic effect. This means that the Acupuncture signal has reached the region of the brain that releases our bodies natural pain killers.