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photo of Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers:
Great for stretching out tight muscles and joints!
90cm Foam Roller $60
60cm Foam Roller $40
30cm Foam Roller $25

photo of Instant Heat Pack

Instant Heat Pack

Lasts up to 12hrs! Great for longer lasting relief from pain.
Adheres to your clothes to remove the risk of skin irritation.
Excellent value at $3.00

photo of Instant Ice Pack

Instant Ice Pack

Handy to have at work for days when pain gets the better of you but no ice is available.
Disposable, single use. Only $5.00!

photo of Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Tape

Used with athletes to enhance movement and endurance, this tape can also help improve acute & chronic pain, as well as reduce swelling!
$25 per roll.

photo of Spiky Therapy Ball – Large

Spiky Therapy Ball – Large

10cm Ball with Soft Spikes.
Great for large muscle groups.

photo of Spiky Therapy Ball – Medium

Spiky Therapy Ball – Medium

8cm Spiky Ball
This ball has softer spikes to allow for easier rolling over tight and sore muscles.

photo of Spiky Therapy Ball – Small

Spiky Therapy Ball – Small

6cm Spiky Ball
Great for pinpointing specific areas of pain, this little ball packs a punch!
Also excellent as a space saving travel therapy item.

photo of Wheat Bags

Wheat Bags

Various colours, shapes and sizes available.
Plain or lavender scented options.
Prices start from $20